Traditionally, being on a “diet” consisted of eating boring tasteless foods, not a bevy of gourmet delights! We want you to not only succeed on your protocol, we want you to delight in it! So, for our worldy clients, we offer super convenient weekly food kits for discriminating palates.

Our nutritious and delicious

Pro-to-GoTM 1, Pro-to-GoTM 2 and

Pro-to-GoTM 3, low calorie menus incorporate 14 delicious, portion appropriate dishes including: Italian Chicken...Mississippi Blackened Catfish...Veal Italiano...

Cajun & All-American Burgers...Tropical Tilapia...

Italian Meatballs...

We choose only the very best ingredients:  Organic (when available), humanely raised, grain-fed hand trimmed meats with no antibiotics or hormones; mostly wild-caught seafood. Our seasonings include Himalayan Sea Salt and Bragg’s organic products with no added oils, butter or dressings. We sweeten with Stevia extract. Our foods are wonderfully prepared: precisely weighed, trimmed of visible fat, lovingly seasoned and flash frozen in heavy duty plastic pouches for

Sous Vide (Sue-VeedTM) cooking or microwave steaming.  They heat quickly and the clean up is a breeze!

It’s literally as easy as boiling water!