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Everyone loves Chipotle for the particular affordable, delicious Mexican foods along with a lot loved “secret menus, ” yet did you know that a individual can at this time get the particular preferred Chipotle key menus products shipped straight to your own own doorway? Postmates plus DoorDash each possess relationships along along with Chipotle (and certain locations provide delivery through GrubHub). Consequently , within case a person own a effective viewpoint, a person may utilize the particular support associated with your option. But with respect to this awesome article, we are going to going find Postmates.

Here are usually 10 Chipotle secret menus items which are usually sure in order to make your personal mouth drinking water and a few “Postmates hacks” that will certainly assist you take advantage of your preferred meals shipping app towards your “secret menu” fix any moment you’d such because. Curl upwards in your shorts, binge-watch your own favorite display, and purchase away… with out ever leaving the convenience of house.

1. Quesarito

If you are a great indecisive chief cook, the Quesarito’s to get a individual. It’s the particular burrito together with the tasty turn — the complete quesadilla for the shell. The particular Quesarito is usually a excellent splurge right after a lengthy, busy trip to the workplace — this costs a good additional $3. 50 — but it is sure in order to make you complete and pleased.

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How in order to order upon Postmates:

Select your filling up, rice, coffee beans and toppings, exactly like you would certainly to get a normal burrito. Within the “Special Instructions” area, specify that will you’d just like a Cheese Quesadilla used because the “shell” for the burrito, and presto — a scrumptious Quesarito will certainly arrive in your home.

2. Nachos

You can now officially get Chipotle’s lime-infused tortilla chips covered in just about all of the preferred toppings. When you’re within the mood to get a lighter dinner that consists of all the Mexican flavors you love, Chipotle’s nachos are regarding you!

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How to purchase on Postmates:

Order the Burrito Dish. Select your personal fillings, coffee beans, and toppings, but by pass over the particular “Rice” area. In “Special Guidelines, ” clarify that will you need chips (instead of rice) for your base of the dish, and you will get tasty “nachos” shipped right to your personal door!

3. Burritodilla

If you’re yearning a burrito imbued using the grilled flavors of a Chipotle quesadilla, you’re sure to love the Burritodilla. This “secret menu” item is ideal for all those days when your stomach’s rumbling for a Quesarito, but you don’t want want to break your diet or put a dent inside your wallet.

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How to order on Postmates:

Order a burrito, and select your fillings, rice, beans, and toppings. In “Special Instructions, ” specify that you’d like your burrito grilled up like a quesadilla, ask for half the typical amount of fillings, and you’ll get both your burrito and your quesadilla fixes without having ever leaving behind your house.

4. Quesadilla 

Want a loaded quesadilla without having the time and hassle it takes to get ready 1? Chipotle’s got you covered! If you’re wanting a light Chipotle meal that is a little bit larger than the Kids Quesadilla, but smaller sized than the majority of of Chipotle’s some some other entrees, this particular full-sized Quesadilla is exactly the point you require.

How to purchase on Postmates:

Release your own inner kid, and purchase a Kids’ Quesadilla. Select your tortilla, fillings, grain, and coffee beans. Just in case you would only like a quesadilla, select “No Drink” plus “No Sides” within the “Drinks” and “Sides” sections. Below “Special Recommendations, ” inquire for the burrito tortilla for your own quesadilla… plus wait along with regard in order to your tasty snack within order in order to arrive!

5. The 3-Pointer

If you’re seeking to obtain a severe bang for your buck, yet about to catch into filling your Chipotle orders along with every leading known in order to man, a person seriously require The 3-Pointer in your own life. The particular 3-Pointer is definitely an order along with only three or more fillings, plus it’s less expensive than a regular Chipotle order, especially if you skip away on the meat. Score!

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How to purchase on Postmates:

Order the burrito, and choose 3 fillings of your own choice. Regarding any fillings you don’t want to incorporate, select the particular corresponding “No” approach to that will particular filling up (i. electronic. “No Feed, ” “No Beans”). Your own delicious 3-Pointer will end up upon its method!

6. Solitary Taco

If if you’re looking for the light food which certain in purchase to fulfill, you will certainly love Chipotle’s “Single Taco” option! Taco Tuesday without having having the particular left more than spots? Indeed, be sure you!

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How to order on Postmates:

Select the “One taco” option, and choose your tortilla, fillings, rice, beans, and toppings. It’s as simple as 1-2-3, and you’re sure to get your perfect portion… all from the comfort of your couch.

7. Double-Decker Taco

If tacos are your daily life, but a person can in no way decide which usually kind a person want (They’re all so great! ), the particular Double-Decker Taco is certain to make sure you you. It is regular taco stuffed towards the brim using the best filling up imaginable — a parmesan cheese taco. Yum!

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How to purchase on Postmates:

Order 2 “Single Tacos. ” Around the first, choose your tortilla, fillings, grain, beans, and toppings. In “Special Instructions, ” write “Double-Decker Taco (outer taco). ” On the second taco, since Postmates requires that you choose a meat, select “Sofritas” or “Carnitas” as a filling, choose any other toppings you’d like, and don’t forget the cheese! For your second taco, in “Special Instructions, ” write “No meat. Cheese taco for Double-Decker Taco. ” Rest along with your preferred beverage, location your feet up, in addition await your own own hard-earned taco to achieve!

8. Double-wrapped Burrito

If you are a massive tortilla enthusiast, or else you simply like your own burrito firmly wrapped, you will love Chipotle’s Double Covered Burrito. Avoid your fillings from discoloration your brand new yoga jeans using this failsafe option!

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How to purchase upon Postmates:

Simply buy a burrito, and select your toppings and fillings. Under “Special Instructions, ” clarify that will will you would such since your burrito wrapped within a 2nd tortilla. It is as basic as, properly, purchasing Chipotle in your own home!

9. Dual Toppings

If toppings create as well as split your own personal ideal Chipotle purchase, absolutely not concern! You can now demand dual toppings for all those periods when a single scoop of the favorites simply isn’t sufficient to fulfill you. Get ready your abdomen, because this particular order’s not for the particular weak hearted!

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How within order in order to order on Postmates:

Select your toppings and fillings. In “Special Instructions, ” simply create “Double toppings. ” Chipotle’s sure in order to deliver — much more methods than a solitary!

10. Cilantro

If you prefer the particular taste of the polarizing Philippine staple, plus Chipotle’s cilantro-infused rice just isn’t adequate for any individual, you need to know concerning this crucial menu split. Asking concerning extra cilantro regarded as a straightforward approach to generate your buy pop together with delicious taste!

How in purchase to purchase upon Postmates:

Select your own purchase along with its toppings and fillings. If a person would such as cilantro getting a top for your own order, within “Special Directions, ” create “Add cilantro like a topping. ” In case you’d prefer your cilantro on the side, use the “Special Instructions” package to designate “Cilantro on the side. ” Your meal will certainly arrive full of your favorite flavors!

These tricks and tips with regard to ordering your Chipotle secret menu faves on Postmates are sure to give you the best of both worlds. Almost all of your favorite Chipotle secret menu meals plus nothing of the particular trouble connected with waiting inside line — what could be better? These days, get comfy and buy up!

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