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When, rotisserie chicken can make a amazing dinner. They are offered simply by most foods markets easily, and along with a couple of microwavable sides, foods might be upon the desk within twenty minutes! Yet unless you are feeding the complete group of four (or even more), leftover poultry find your self in your own fridge returning.

What’s the best way in order to reheat this particular leftover chicken?

Leftover meats are difficult to reheat. They dry out often, become overcooked, or eliminate their own flavor just. In truth, I realize a number of friends who else won’t consume leftover meat simply because they can not stand exactly what happens from the microwave. There are many sites who else claim in order to find out greatest ways to reheat leftover poultry, but I actually came throughout that numerous was missing consideration regarding just a single (or also more) associated with the following: flavor, period, and function.

Luckily, Ill let a person know just how exactly in order to reheat rotisserie poultry within three excellent techniques do not compromise the flavor and take hardly any time or work on your own part! I used over eight various ways, and combined the very best techniques into these three choices.

Here’s the breakdown:

Overall Taste

When To Use

Oven (20 A few minutes)

Moist & Fresh!


Stovetop (7 Minutes)


Small Amounts

Microwave (1 Minute)

Hot & Flavorful!

When right time is valuable.

Please note that you should adhere to my steps below to achieve these complete results! Particular steps are crucial in all the methods, plus I’ll become be certain to avoid miss something.

So, carry on reading to be able to understand the particular three truly greatest strategies to reheat your remaining rotisserie chicken.

Oven Reheating

Best For: Common Flavor Total Period Needed: 20 Minutes Overall Ranking: A

Although this may not seem like the really best technique predicated promptly, it’s the particular simplest way in order to reheat rotisserie poultry with regard to flavor. In addition, it usually will not require much active work on your own part. Feel absolve to relax and stream an bout of one of your preferred Netflix shows as the oven does all of the function!

How to Reheat Rotisserie Poultry In The Cooker:

1. Preset the your cooker to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Spot your leftover portions of rotisserie poultry (or the complete bird) in a high-sided baking dish.

3. Add 2-3 glasses of chicken share or broth to the baking dish. Make an effort to have around ¼ inch of broth surrounding the chicken. According to the quantity of chicken and how big is your dish, this might require pretty much liquid.

4. Cover the area and dish in the cooker. If your meal doesn’t have got an appliance cover, make use of aluminum evade simply. Whatever you are doing, not skip this particular task do!

5. Reheat the rotisserie poultry within the oven just before liquid could be bubbling as well as the poultry is usually warmed totally. This may take about 15-20 mins depending upon how a lot meats you are reheating.

6. Utilizing your cooker mitts, consider away the particular cover. Keep on preparing food regarding another 3-5 minutes.

7. Don your own cooker hand protection again to eliminate the baking dish through the oven as soon as. Allow poultry cool for a few minutes, established the table and enjoy then!

  • Several sites suggested letting the chicken sit out for 30 minutes (or at the very least as the oven preheated) before reheating. I tried this, and I can’t suggest it honestly. If anything, this appeared to dry the poultry before it also started cooking out. Not to mention, who would like to spend that a lot more time looking ahead to dinner?
  • The initial web site where We found the aforementioned instructions didn’t specify to include the chicken although it baked. We could guarantee you, making that poultry uncovered with regard to half an hour inside an oven roaring at 400+ degrees isn’t sensible. Sure, your pores and skin layer may nicely sharp upward, nevertheless your meat will dried out and obtain eliminate just about all the taste out. That will leaves a person with a dry just, bland very little bit of meat in the mouth area. Follow the assistance and cover up that bird!
  • Many web sites simply recommend wrapping the leftovers in baking and foil with regard to 20-30 mins. While this proved alright, We came across that including the liquid did improve the flavor and the moisture of the chicken. Moreover, all those uncovered short while by the end crisped up your skin really!
End Result:

This reheating method remaining the chicken probably the most tasty and moist undoubtedly! We loved the way the skin has been crispy in addition, but not hard. We concerned that the poultry broth might add greatly salt to the meats too, nonetheless it enhanced the taste of the rotisserie-style food preparation simply.

Aspect of Chicken










Overall, I might recommend this technique when you can spare enough time highly. Due to the fact it doesn’t require constant watching or some kind of turning within the oven, you may use that right time and energy to complete a little chore, call someone, or simply watch an bout of your preferred show even. Trust me, this technique will probably be worth the wait!

Stovetop Reheating

Best For: Reheating Smaller sized Portions Total Time Required: 5-7 Minutes Overall Rating: B+

This quick and easy method is a great way to warm up small pieces! It’s also excellent if a person plan in order to throw the particular remaining poultry onto the salad or even other meal.

How in order to Reheat Rotisserie Chicken Upon The Stove:

1. Eliminate your remaining chicken in to bite-sized items.

2. Warmth 1 in order to 3 tsps of veggie or canola oil inside a skillet or even pan more than medium-high warmth.

3. When the skillet plus oil are usually hot, mix in the particular pieces of chicken. Then, cook for 4 to 5 minutes. Keep stirring the meat with tongs or a spatula as it reheats.

4. Once the chicken reaches an optimum temperature, cut off the heat. Remove the chicken from the pan and enjoy!

What Not To Do:
  • Do not add too much oil! The less, the better. Too a lot oil may not just cause the particular chicken in order to taste such as cooking essential oil, however it may also overcook the meats.

  • Do not really leave the particular pan unwatched! When I actually say maintain stirring, After all it. When the chicken rests in a single location for as well long, it will eventually start crisping and overcooking. Trust myself, it isn’t really delicious.

End Outcome:

This method was great for smaller pieces of chicken. I ended up tossing the heated chicken onto a salad, and it tasted great! I wouldn’t recommend this for reheating a large amount of chicken, though. I also wouldn’t recommend it if you want to eat the chicken plain as it does maintain some of the oil.

Aspect of Chicken










My main problem with this particular method would be that the chicken does not remain since moist or even flavorful since I’d such as. I individually felt that will the cooker and micro wave methods carried out better. Nevertheless , this has been highly effective with regard to reheating small pieces to throw on a salad.

Microwave Reheating

Best With regard to: Time Preserving! Total Time Needed: 1 Minute! Overall Rating: A-

Obviously, we all need a quick reheat method. Microwaves save us serious time when it comes to heating up food. This method pleasantly surprised me, as I assumed the microwave might ruin every thing. Turns away, this technique will be just because good since the stove (if not really better)!

How to Reheat Rotisserie Poultry In The particular Microwave:

1. Remove remaining chicken through the refrigerator and location within a micro wave safe pot.

2. Micro wave on higher for thirty seconds in order to 1 one minute.

3. Check regarding cold areas. If nevertheless not warmed fully, toss in another 30 secs to one 1 moment.

4. As soon as heated to your liking, remove from microwave and enjoy!

It’s simple, but be sure to see the “what to not dos” below because presently there are several mistakes you can make.

What To not Do:
  • Don’t bother covering the chicken with a paper towel or any other silly items. Several sites suggested this, but it didn’t help whatsoever.
  • Do not cook for multiple minutes on a lower setting! Several sites also suggested microwaving for up to 5 minutes on 70% power. I tried this, and my chicken ended up dry and bland. Not to mention, I wasted more time waiting for it to heat up.
  • Do not add any moisture to the microwave! I tried adding water in a few different ways, and let me tell you: it didn’t help. All it did was make the skin disgusting and the chicken just as dry as any other micro wave method. Therefore, don’t pay attention to any kind of sites that will tell a person to include wetness towards the micro wave via a cup or some thing around the poultry. It does not help.
End Result:

Not only will this technique operate circles close to the sleep when this comes in order to time required, it also rocks at keeping the flavor! I was amazed with all the general reheating high quality of the technique.

Aspect associated with Chicken










If you are hankering in order to eat immediately, this is usually the method for a person! Surprisingly sufficient, the taste and humidity weren’t afflicted just as much as I actually thought. If you heat this in little intervals plus check, you will find the particular magic period that at home cooks the parrot without drying out it out there.

Other Methods To Recycle That Remaining Rotisserie Chicken

If you would certainly like in order to mix products plan that will leftover rotisserie chicken, I actually found several amazing tested recipes through delish. com. Not just did they will suggest some good casseroles plus soups, however they also got some enjoyable suggestions such as nachos, as well! So do not feel like you have to eat the leftover chicken as-is; try a few bold quality recipes that get full advantage of the leftovers and spice up the dinner table.

So, what’s the last verdict?

If you can spare the time to preserve the flavor, the oven method rocks! With this strategy, I barely noticed a difference between the reheated chicken as well as the authentic chicken the particular night just before. For individuals who are usually eager for period, the micro wave method functions wonders, as well.

The greatest factor I actually found had been there are usually several variants of every method on the internet, and several of them just don’t work nicely. If you’re looking for fully-tested methods, these are how one can go.

Next time you’re trying to use up that leftover rotisserie chicken, give one of these simple methods a whirl. You won’t be disappointed!

Photo by Alison Marras on Unsplash

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